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At RMS Mortgage Services LLC, we combine experienced lenders and savvy borrowers with a wide range of lending solutions. We offer traditional residential mortgages, real estate investment portfolio lending, private equity, IRA lending, alternative financing, and private notes. Our goal is to make the home buying process as smooth as possible, providing you with lending options that fit your needs!

How We Can Help You

Traditional Residential Mortgages

Standard residential mortgage products including fixed rates and ARM’s, conventional and FHA loans

Investment Real Estate Portfolio Lending

Recourse and non-recourse loans against single family investment real estate

Private Equity

Alternative and creative lending sources for outside-the-box situations, short-term needs and bridge financing

IRA Lending

Non-recourse loans against properties held in traditional and Roth IRA’s

Alternative Financing and Private Notes

Large scale, one-off financing solutions for large investors who have unusual needs and goals

Commercial Lending

Loans for multi-family, retail and office buildings

Meet Our Team

Ryan Green

Josh Primmer

Mike D'Aloia

John Cappa

Andrew Odell

Get in Touch

Leave your name and email below along with what you are looking for in the message box or you can give us a call at: (727) 269-5424. Our office is located at 4700 9th Ave. N. St Petersburg, FL 33713. 

What Are People Saying?

Anson S.

"I am currently in the process of getting my second and third loans through RMS Mortgage Services. I am someone who traditionally did not care for mortgage brokers, but my experience with RMSMS changed all that. Josh Primmer has gone above and beyond to help guide me through the process. He’s pointed out potential pitfalls as well as the avenues to get the most bang for my buck. But what I am most appreciative of is his accessibility during the process. I tend to ask a lot of questions, some of them more than once, and his patience and expertise are admirable qualities that I’ve come to rely on. Thanks RMSMS!!!"

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Ryan Green

NMLS 479814

Senior Vice President of Lending 


Phone: (813) 732-0045

Josh Primmer

Mortgage Broker 


Phone: (813) 294-4993

Mike D'Aloia

Principal Owner


Phone: (727) 821-1999

John Cappa

Owner of Cappa Title 


Phone: (727) 821-0999

Andrew Odell



Phone: (727) 282-5073